The most important thing is, not to be in fear.


Yes it’s very terrible. Here in Germany, too. Kids are home from school since months. And today was the dicision, that schools will be closed until end of January – but homeschooling. Our kids are in grade 12 and will do their graduation next year in grade 13. We will see.

Shops, Restaurants, hairstylists… are closed, too.

And now, we shouldn’t go out more than 15 kilometers from our home.

But the situation in hospitals is good, every patient can get a good medial treatment. The death rate is not higher, than in the years before.

Some doctors and specialists say, that it is the normal influenca.

Something does not go together.

People go along with everything out of fear.

We, our family is well. We spend a lot of nice time together, like never before.

Keep me up-to-date.






It’s a terrible situation.


For the latest information, the Prime Minister will make a policy announcement tomorrow evening.


Anyway, at night, restaurants and dining bars have to close at 8 PM.


There will be penalties for restaurants that do not follow the government’s directive.


It is either a fine or a penalty.


Many companies will go bankrupt.


In Japan, a top actress also committed suicide.


She committed suicide, leaving her newborn baby behind.


The number of suicides has increased in the Japanese entertainment industry.






This sounds sad.


I think this people have Existential fears or other problems.


We (our family) is very calm, not very crazy. So we don’t miss things. Yes, we like going in nature. This is possible and we are happy. And we love going in restaurants. So we must wait, for doing this.


We don’t miss much things, because we don’t like fun parks and such kind of free time activities.

We don’t have big changes – so we feel good.